Welcome to my website. 
I've been a divorce and custody lawyer for nearly 20 years.  Over this time, I have learned what works and what doesn't work in a divorce or custody case.  I have seen what lawyers do that needlessly create more fighting and what judges do that create more hardship (though, judges may not intend these consequences). 
Most lawyers don't intend on ruining people's lives, but often they are inexperienced to know or understand that the process is an imperfect system to resolve a very messy emotional problem.  Family law cases are some of the most difficult issues to resolve and court intervention is something everyone should want to avoid.  

All too often litigation runs wild, the lawyers get rich in the process, and you and your family have to live with what's left.  Bankruptcy after a divorce or custody battle is common.  You probably have already stories about blood-bath divorces where attorney's fees mushroom to unthinkable levels.  Six-figure attorney's fees are scary things and people often taken by surprise when their own case is going in that direction.  
Your case doesn't have to be this way.  Over nearly two decades, I have attempted to help people avoid the "blood-bath" divorce.  Sometimes, it's impossible, but more often, reasonable people can do reasonable things even in the middle of a divorce when they have the right advice.  After slugging it out in the courtroom for all these years, I now help people across the country to avoid a train-wreck divorce or fix their divorce that has simply gone out of control.  

It doesn't take much to lose control of your divorce and the resulting attorney's fees, but if you're someone that doesn't want that, or you're in the middle of a case that doesn't seem right, then this website was designed for you. 

If you have any questions, feel free to call me (number is above), or email me at:  paul@paulnordini.com