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Paul D. Nordini

Mr. Nordini practice is highly focused on resolving the legal needs of today's busy families with as little court activity as possible. Mr. Nordini's unique approach better addresses the failures and heavy costs of today's court system He has represented celebrities, business owners, and professional athletes in various legal matters.

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Paul D. Nordini

Family Law Attorney


Assisting Families to Better Navigate Their Legal Needs.



Paul D. Nordini concentrates his practice on strained family law disputes in the effort to avoid protracted and overly expensive litigation. Mr. Nordini's practice also is heavily involved in appellate services touching on custody and divorce rulings.

Mr. Nordini accepts clientele in the following types of cases:

          *Tax and IRS Disputes.  Click Here for Tax representation.

          *Divorce Resolution.  Click Here for divorce information.

          *Holistic Estate Planning.  Click Here for a Better Estate Plan.

          *Appellate Services.  Click Here to fix a Bad Day in Court.



Having proudly served with the U.S. Marine Corps (1987-1991), he had been assigned to serve throughout SouthEast Asia, Norway, and within the United States. By Presidential Order, he was called to serve with a Special Operations Battalion during Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm in 1991.  After the Gulf War had ended, he was stationed at Subic Bay, Philippines and survived the Mt. Pinatubo eruption and assisted with relief efforts earning him the Humanitarian Ribbon.  He later received an Honorable Discharge at the rank of E-4 (Corporal).


He latter attained his undergraduate degree from Wayne State University (Michigan) and later in 2001 graduated from DePaul University Law School, Chicago, and achieved a Doctorate Degree in Jurisprudence.


He has since represented thousands of clientele and authored hundreds of articles touching on various legal topics.  Mr. Nordini has authored a Petition for Writ for Certiorari for review in the United States Supreme Court involving custodial fundamental rights that are encompassed within the term "liberty" in the U.S. Constitution. He has been published numerous times within Law Review publications with his articles touching on custody Constitutional safeguards, business topics touching on divorce issues, and other divorce topics.


One of Mr. Nordini's appellate cases raised issues involving diligence requirements when attempting to secure personal jurisdiction over a litigant, within litigation, and that opinion has been citied numerous times in subsequent appellate opinions and continue in support of Mr. Nordini's legal contentions on appeal.  That opinion can be found here.

Mr. Nordini has been licensed in multiple jurisdictions and has appeared before State and Federal Courts, as well as, having testified as an expert witness involving legal professionalism, legal ethics, and legal malpractice.


The Iron Clad Corporate Veil (DuPage Bar Brief Publication)


Does Constitutional Liberty include a Parent's Rights to be involved in Their Child's School (Petition for Writ to U.S. Supreme Court)

Determining a Child’s Best Interest Standard with Mental Health Issues are Present. (DuPage Law Review).

Speaking Engagements:

From Marine Corps to the Practice of Law (Rotary Presentation)


Appointment of Guardians for Party-Litigants (Inns of Court)


Internet and Lawyers, Ethical Considerations (DuPage County Bar Association presentation)



20+ Years of Experience


Circuit and Superior Courts (Bench & Jury Trials, Appellate Courts (multiple Districts).


U.S. District Courts, 7th Circuit.

U.S. Supreme Court


Bank, Fraud, Commercial, Real Estate

Divorce and Custody

Appellate Practice:

Civil Appeals

Supreme Court Appeals

U.S. Supreme Court Review



In the Marriage of F - Mr. Nordini single chaired the longest Will County divorce/custody trial on record against a team of attorneys.  With only 12 exhibits against the opponent's 1056 exhibits, after a 178 days of trial, he was able to secure custody and removal orders for his client.


E v. Morris - Mr. Nordini defended vulnerable adult lawsuit and defamation claims.  At trial, the Court agreed with Mr. Nordini's arguments that the evidence did not support the suit.  Lawsuit and all three counts denied with prejudice.  

IRMO G - Mr. Nordini appealed trial court's dismissal of petition seeking to modify a prior restraint order.  Appellate court agreed with Mr. Nordini's argument and reversed the lower court's ruling.

PB v RHG - Mr. Nordini defended a lawsuit involving banking litigation.  He successfully defeated several actions in replevin and convinced the trial court to eject the Court's receiver on motion by the business owner (the only known Illinois case where this has happened).

In re the Marriage of K. - Mr. Nordini accepted a custody and removal case just weeks to trial.  Trial was conducted where a Custody Evaluator and GAL was against his client for custody.  Mr. Nordini was able to achieve custody for his client.  This case was then published within the Law Divorce Digest.


USMDS v ACB - Mr. Nordini's appeal was granted when the 3rd District Appellate Court reversed the trial court.  Mr. Nordini contested service of summons on a divorce client's business foreclosure case arguing that service was improper on a corporate owner.  This case was then published in recorded opinions for 3rd District Illinois. 


Movie Studio X v. J.J. - Mr. Nordini was able to vacate a Judgment that had been entered against his celebrity client and actively litigated against the opponent. The opponent then attempted to sue Mr. Nordini and Mr. Nordini was able to dismiss the suit against him.  The opponent eventually was incarcerated for tax violations uncovered by Mr. Nordini.


In re the Marriage of L. - Mr. Nordini appealed a trial court's ruling on the setting of alimony.  The appellate court agreed with Mr. Nordini's argument that statutory factors must be applied in every alimony case, despite other reasons for setting support.  Mr. Nordini's client's support amount was significantly adjusted by agreement after the appeal process.  This case was published as a Rule 23 Court Order. 


In re the Marriage of P. - Mr. Nordini took to trial a divorce case where the husband refused to pay alimony.  Initial pre-trials had resulted in a recommendation of no maintenance.  After trial, Mr. Nordini secured alimony for his client.  This case was later published in the Law Divorce Digest.


In re the Matter of J v D. - Mr. Nordini accepted the case three weeks to trial, and when the GAL was firmly opposed to his client on custody and residency noting that client had significant psychological impairment.  Mr. Nordini was able to convince the GAL to switch the recommendation in favor of keeping residency with his client, and negotiated a settlement retaining the child with his client and keeping the child in client's then current school district.