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Welcome to Arizona's most informative family law website.  This website is designed to provide you with the most current family law information.  You have likely found your way to this site because you are either contemplating a divorce, custody issue or already in the middle of the legal process. Court is obviously a little unsettling and can provide for a fair amount of anxiety and stress.  I have prepared this site to relieve some of the angst while you sift through your research. 


This site should provide you with the information that you likely need to make informed decisions about your case or about selecting a lawyer.

While each case is different, many people will tell you how disenchanted they are with the family law system and the manner it handles a family and its issues.  An "assembly line process" accurately describes how family law matters are handled in court, and very little attention is placed on the emotional complexities of someone's life.  To add insult to injury, lawyer's fees generally plague the system.

Everyone has heard of the "bloodbath" divorce or custody case, and many people will say that it took too long and cost too much money.  Getting a great and affordable result is not a fantasy, but can be a reality with the right kind of lawyer and right kind of approach.  


Selecting a lawyer shouldn't be knee-jerk or something with the assumption that any divorce or custody lawyer will do. 


Hopefully, the articles on this website will help you weed through the obstacles of your case and selecting a lawyer. Attorneys and Judges, much like you, refer to this website (I have recently created a "Members" page for them), so I hope that you too benefit by my continued research and efforts.  


Take your time, and good luck in the process.

All my best,

Paul D. Nordini