Welcome to my website!  This website what is designed to assist spouses that are either anticipating a divorce or are in the middle of a divorce and simply need additional information to better understand the process.  I've been told that judges also have used my website when they are unclear about various aspects of a divorce that are not apparent on the face of statutes (laws) or issues not always discussed in appellate decisions.  There are many practical matters that involve divorce that are hidden and not readily available to the public, attorneys, or even judges.

I know a thing or two about divorces because it's been my profession and hobby for nearly 20 years.  For two decades, I have dedicated my life to understanding the problems with the process and have come up with solutions to those problems.  There is absolutely no reason why you cannot avoid a messy divorce.  Everyone has heard the rumors of a blood-bath divorce, and this sort of a divorce can be avoided, and the reasons for that kind of a divorce will surprise you.  It can happen to the most reasonable of people and some of the nicest of parents.  


This website is designed to give everyone the information necessary so that the process is better understood and the issues that typically plague a divorce can be avoided.  These issues can make a divorce longer and more expensive than necessary.  Attorney's fees have also plagued the process and I go into great detail in this website on how you can make your case more affordable, or how you can represent yourself better.


If you have visited this site before, you'll notice that I've designed this updated website very differently, where I no longer have a long list of my articles to choose from.  Many people said that they felt overwhelmed with that long list.  Rather now, I have provided underlined words throughout this website that you can click to find out more about what is underlined. So, if you see an underlined word that interests you, just click on that word and a new page will open with that information.  If you're reading this from you phone, clicking on underlined words may be a problem, so you can access that list by clicking the menu at the top-right of your screen (it looks like three horizontal lines). 


If you need to get to this main page again, you can always click my name at the top of any page.  This hopefully will give you a more organic reading experience, all the while, giving you all the access to my information. 

So, let's get started.  Most people want to know about the following:  how much will this cost, or how to find a great divorce lawyer, or how do I start the process.  If one of these topics don't interest you, then click here for other topics.

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