Low Bono Representation

Family law, divorce, and custody cases are generally messy and very litigious involving motions, discovery, and multiple court dates.  Often times, parents and spouses with limited means cannot afford a large retainer leaving them, their case, and precious legal rights vulnerable to an unfamiliar legal process.

Getting a lawyer interested on a reduced initial deposit is difficult in family law because of the massive time commitment involved.  Pro Bono options are limited, if not impossible to obtain in many family law situations.  

The Nordini Law Group team does offer Low-Bono options for people with limited means where we can provide full service representation on a reduced retainer.  Our initial deposit requirement is set affordably to allow everyone the opportunity to have an experienced, award-winning attorney on their side.

If you're calling attorneys and seeing retainer demands at $3,000.00 or more, then you should call Mr. Nordini and explore more affordable options.

Low-Bono options are offered to those people unable to pay thousands of dollars for a retainer. Often, the initial payment is set at $500 and sometimes less.  The lower deposit payment allows parents and spouses to better deal with the stress of pending litigation knowing that an attorney is now on their side, while not being forced into bankruptcy early in the process.

Low-Bono clients receive the same top-notch representation and access to Mr. Nordini.  There is never a restriction placed on your ability to speak or contact your lawyer.  

If you are interested to find out whether or not you could benefit from for our Low-Bono deposit option and would like to inquire more about this very affordable way to start your case, you can call for your initial (and free) consultation.


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