Mediation the Easy Divorce

Now you file . . . . now you don't.

How to avoid litigation, attorney's fees and save your children

Mediation is by far the best way to resolve a divorce or disagreement with your soon to be former-spouse or the other parent in a custody dispute.  However, successful mediation requires a few key things to fall into place, and they are as follows:

(1) Your mediator needs to be actively practicing in the Courtroom.  Only this type of mediator knows the real alternatives, if you or your spouse decide to litigate.  He or she can inform you what a Judge would typically do under the circumstances.  Once having that information, you can better resolve the disputed issue.


(2) You and your spouse (or other parent) must have the desire to settle without litigation.  If one or the other is disinterested in reaching a fair resolution and is looking for revenge or vindication, mediation may not work.

(3) You are your spouse must be REASONABLE.  People with personality disorders or narcissistic traits don't play well in mediation, and their disorders often waste everyone's time and money.


(4) Your mediator must be able to recognize and know how to manage a spouse or parent that has a disorder, or is abusive.  Often times, abusers take advantage of the mediation process by using non-visual cues that cause the other parent to cave and or feel pressured to agree on terms that are not fair or equitable.  A seasoned divorce attorney acting as a neutral mediator can better stop this dynamic from occurring in your mediation process.

If you're looking to mediate your divorce or custody case, both spouses or parents usually split the cost of the mediation, which is usually hourly based.  Mr. Nordini recommends a one hour session is which will cost each side $250.  The initial session will explore what is in disagreement, and how to best resolve those issues.  If more time is necessary, another session is scheduled, or if Mr. Nordini's schedule permits, the initial session may continue until final resolution.

Once you've completed your mediation process, Mr. Nordini can offer to prepare your Decree and complete all the documentation for the Judge to approve and sign your Decree.