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Welcome to our website! Many parents and spouses are disenchanted with the process, the lawyers, and the routine manner the court system handles their family law issue.  Unfortunately, litigation is encouraged  by the current legal system resulting in ever increasing costs and attorneys' fees.  Mr. Nordini breaks the cycle that has plagued the system and offers settlement tactics that are time tested and proven, low retainers that everyone can afford, and provides advice designed to discourage needless and expensive courtroom fights. 

You have likely found your way to this site because you are either contemplating a divorce, custody issue or already in the middle of the legal process. Court is obviously a little unsettling and can provide for a fair amount of anxiety and stress.  This website was prepared to relieve some of the angst while you sift through your research and decide on your best options.  The articles on your left were prepared for your use and review.  If you have questions that are not addressed on this website, please feel free to call or email Mr. Nordini for more information.

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