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Representing Yourself

Family law cases are usually messy (but not always).  Along with the complexity of a family's details are horror stories about blood bath cases costing thousands of dollars. This tends to scare people into representing themselves or being forced to represent themselves in their own divorce or custody case.  

While any parent or spouse can legally represent themselves, this office does not recommend that approach.  The pitfalls are too many and the damage to your case can be too great with the risks involved.

Mr. Nordini receives numerous urgent calls every month from parents and spouses that attempted to represent themselves with disastrous results on custody and financial matters.  

If you are finding yourself making the consideration to represent yourself, under whatever circumstance, please take a moment to understand that Mr. Nordini would prefer to help you, and make that service affordable, so that you can have a lawyer in your corner.

Many Judges and opposing attorneys are inflexible when you attempt to represent yourself, and you'll end up paying more for lawyer to try and fix the biggest mistake of your life.  

Arizona is one of the few States that allows "Jackpot Trials." This means that you are lured into believing that everyone is representing themselves, but to your surprise, your spouse or the other parent shows up at your trial (or hearing) with a lawyer without giving you any notice.  So, now your forced to conduct a trial against a lawyer.  Much of your evidence will not be allowed and you'll be left with the expensive burden to hire a lawyer to fix it.  (and often, the results cannot be corrected).  

Call Mr. Nordini to discuss low and no retainer options to make having a lawyer a reality in your case.  Mr. Nordini takes the time and effort to help your case along, and will offer services affordable to your unique needs and circumstances.