Representing Yourself

Family law cases are usually messy, but not always and they certainly don't have to be that way.  Often times, I find cases having gone sideways because one spouse or the other had decided to represent themselves and their misguided expectations largely created chaos until the Judge steps in.  By the time a Judge steps in, positions have hardened, and most spouses believe that their position should be supported by the law.  And often, that's not what happens.


Making things more problematic is that Judges don't typically step into a case until things have progressed for a few months, and the avoidable nightmare divorce is well underway.

Because of this dynamic, I typically advise that people DO NOT represent themselves, but I'm also very understanding that many spouses and parents simply cannot afford hire a full-fare lawyer.  If you have made the decision to represent yourself, you may want to reconsider and call our office about how maybe we can make representation affordable.  

The reality is that most people representing themselves are always scrambling at the end of their case (nearing their trial date) to hire a lawyer, but by that time, retainers are over $10,000 because of the time and resources necessary to prepare for a trial.  Had that spouse hired a lawyer in the beginning, not only would the cost be far less, but the outcome less chaotic and a settlement more likely. 

Key Points to Remember:

1. Whether you like it or not, you will be hiring a lawyer at some point in your case.  People representing themselves generally scramble 30 days before a trial date when retainer demands are very high.

2.  It makes the most sense and most affordable to hire a lawyer early in your case, as opposed to, at the end.  Lawyer that have been on the case since the beginning, do not need to charge a large retainer for the trial, because they have already prepared the file for trial, properly.

3.  Hiring a lawyer early in your case will help set the tone an tenor of your case and keep expectations set property, and keep your case from becoming a train-wreck later.

4.  Many lawyers, like Mr. Nordini will offer low-bono options so that you can afford a lawyer early in the case, as opposed to, having to scramble for a lawyer two weeks before your trial when you realize you've made the biggest mistake in your life.


If you would like full-time representation, then a low-bono option may be a better fit for you.  You can click here for more information about low bono representation.

If you are finding yourself making the consideration to represent yourself, under whatever circumstance, please take a moment to understand that Mr. Nordini would prefer to help you, and make that service affordable, so that you can have a lawyer on your side.