Quick Online Divorce

Many spouses can benefit by the ease and savings involved with an uncontested quick online divorce.  Uncontested cases are those cases where you and your spouse (or other parent) have agreed to the terms of your divorce (and custody, with children).  With an uncontested case, there's no court presence requirement so you can complete the case from home.  The best part of an uncontested quick online divorce is the cost. 

If you agree with your spouse, you can get divorced QUICKLY and EASILY.  Kids, real estate, alimony, retirement are all included.  A deposit of $450 starts the process, if you qualify. 


To qualify, you must:

  • agree with your spouse on all issues (if you don't have a full agreement with your spouse, try our mediation by clicking here);

  • pay the filing fee and any other court costs (response fee); 

  • once your court documents are prepared on your terms, you and your spouse must timely sign.


Everything is done online -- there are no office visits and no trip to court.



  • pay a single flat fee for your lawyer;

  • get legal advice and guidance from Mr. Nordini and be represented by Mr. Nordini;

  • finish with a customized agreement and  Mr. Nordini takes care of everything in court.



  • spend a lot of money;

  • use generic fill in blank forms;

  • be left with unanswered questions;

  • end up in a fight with your ex;

  • be turned away when you need help or advice.


It's EASY:

1.  Review and Sign my Retainer Agreement.  Your contract with me will be emailed to you.  It includes everything, and I'll do your divorce on your agreed-to terms.

2.  Complete my 2 minute intake form.  The details on this form will allow Mr. Nordini to prepare the initial documents to file your case with the Court.  This can be done all online.


3.  Have a phone call with Mr. Nordini to talk about the settlement terms that you have reached with your spouse.  Most folks are done in about 20 minutes. Some take longer.  If you have questions?  Just call, Mr. Nordini is here to help.

4.  Sign the Settlement Documents. Mr. Nordini will email you your Consent Decree with all the terms in the proper format.  You and your spouse sign the papers.

5.  Mr. Nordini submits the Consent Decree to the Judge for signature, and the completed copy will be mailed to you from the Courthouse.  

To start the process, call Mr. Nordini today. (480) 527-9000

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