Changing Lawyers

People are stunned when I tell them many of my clients didn't hire me initially, but came back to my office after having selected the wrong lawyer at the beginning of their case.  Many of these clients say, "I came back because you were the only one that told me the truth, but I didn't want to believe it."


The reality is that many spouses and parents get frustrated with their case being delayed, the appearance that their lawyer doesn't care, or their lawyer burned through their retainer within a week. Unfortunately, many spouses and parents feel pressured to stay with a lawyer that's not a good fit for their case.  The important thing to remember is that changing lawyers is not uncommon and the Judge will not have an issue with it - happens all the time.  

Some people want to change lawyers because they blame their lawyer for events that happened in the case (and not their lawyer's fault).  However, good reasons to change your lawyer are as follows:


  • Not returning your phone call within a week.  If you're always expecting an immediate return call, that is sometimes impossible given court schedules.  But within 4-5 days, you should get a return call.

  • Consistently missing court appearances.  This is an immediate red-flag warning sign.  Change your lawyer ASAP.

  • Not letting you know what is happening in your case.

  • Yelling at you, calling you names, insulting you, or making you cry.  While family lawyers sometimes get emotional, angry, and raise their voice, it should always be in a professional manner.

  • Refusing to send you a bill so you can see how your money is being spent (or how much you owe!).

The reality is that the outcome of your case is in jeopardy by keeping a lawyer that is not a good fit for you or your case.  The process to change your lawyer is simple.  First, you find your new lawyer, and your new lawyer will deal with your former lawyer.  You are not required to have an uncomfortable discussion with your former lawyer to make the change.