2018 and 2019 TEN BEST


Recently, I received my second 10 Best Award by the The American Institute of Family Law Attorneys.  From what I gather, the American Institute bases their decision on client satisfaction and courtroom results. I am truly honored to receive this award, and also happy that I have changed the way people look at their divorce process to make their case easier to manage, less emotional, with better results. 


I truly believe that the outcome of every case is a measure of my practice. It makes no sense to me to "win" everything in the courtroom to only then refer my client to another lawyer to file bankruptcy.  That's not a win in my book.  I believe that family law attorneys have an obligation to seek out resolution of a dispute with the least amount of cost, least amount of time, with the least amount of trauma to the people and children involved.  If a lawyer can't do that, then everyone is going to be miserable. 


My drive is to help people with their family law needs where being settlement minded and creating time tested resolution tactics doesn't cost extra money. With a high custody win rate, and an 80% appeal rate (for appellants), my record stands apart from all other lawyers and many of these successes are achieved outside of a courtroom.


I want to thank my clientele for the honor and awards, trusting my approach, and understanding the process is not designed to hurt them.  I proudly served in the United States Marine Corps, and now I'm just as proud representing my clientele.

If you want to know how my approach can get you quickly to full resolution in your case, just call my office and speak to me.

Paul D. Nordini

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