Divorce Reports:  Look into a "Crystal Ball" and learn the outcome of your case, before it happens.

Many spouses and parents just want to know the outcome of their case to decide whether or not to move forward.  Knowing how your case will end is important to properly set expectations, help with negotiating a settlement, or assist in the decision making process if a divorce is right for you.  

Many attorneys simply don't have sufficient courtroom experience to know how your given situation will play out in a courtroom. Some people just want to know whether or not their spouse's threats are true or could be true. Often talking to a lawyer leaves a client with limited and vague advice resulting in continued delay and fear of the unknown.


The reality is that there is a massive body of court history and judge's prior rulings and opinions that largely sculpt what could be the outcome of your case.  Mr. Nordini encapsulates these great sources of information to give spouses more information.  

Mr. Nordini's courtroom experience and caselaw research allows him to provide a person with a very accurate and realistic prediction on the likely outcome your case.  Much of this information is shared when you first talk with Mr. Nordini.  You will be advised of likely outcomes, the best moves to make, the worst moves to make, and how to approach your case and spare yourself from having to pay thousands of dollars in attorney's fees.

If your circumstances are unique, Mr. Nordini will suggest that some caselaw research be conducted and a follow-up consultation take place. Caselaw research is a valuable tool to be used early in your representation as Judges often rely on caselaw to determine cases that are presented before them in a courtroom.  So, knowing the caselaw on your particular circumstance is the same thing as knowing what a Judge will do in your case.  

Call Mr. Nordini today to discuss your case and get the information necessary to start making informed decisions about you and your case.