How long does this take?

Lawyer's secret:   Never require a timetable for your divorce case.  Some cases are quick (within 90 days) and others take longer. If you try and force your case into a timetable - mistakes happen that will end up costing you more later.


The soonest anyone can complete their uncontested divorce case in Arizona is about 65 days.  This is the time that it takes for Arizona's Judges to have the jurisdiction to properly enter and finalize a  Divorce Decree (your Divorce).

Some cases take longer, however, if issues of support arise or assets are hidden; sometimes, it just takes some time for spouses to size up the entire estate that's to be divided.  

On average, most cases conclude as follows:  50% of cases are over within 90 days; 20% of cases go from 91 days to 5 months; 20% of cases last 6 months to a year; 8% of cases take 12-18 months; 2% of cases last longer than 18 months and usually see a trial.