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Mr. Nordini offer a free, no-pressure, unlimited time, initial phone consultation.  Most consultations last one hour (sometimes less), but given the complexity of some circumstances, the initial consultation could exceed one hour.  You will not be asked or pressured to retain Mr. Nordini's services.  In fact, our office policy is that we do not allow people to retain our service at first impression.  

We want you to think about what was said, to carefully consider the lawyer's approach and advice to your case, and only upon significant thought and contemplation, do we want you as a client.  

When you call, you'll have immediate access to a seasoned divorce lawyer where the most urgent issues and concerns can be discussed without any obligation to retain the office or pay anything. Often times, the attorney and client will agree that legal action should be put on hold, delayed, or sometimes, urgency is needed.  Every situation is different. 

Face-to-face consultations are also available but far more comprehensive.  Because sometimes it involves document review in advance, and the fact that there is no time limit, in-person consultations often result in Mr. Nordini's substantial investment of his time.  In-person consultations often can be up to two (2) hours.  A deposit is collected at time of scheduling for face-to-fact consultations.

If you want to personally meet with Mr. Nordini and discuss your case and receive initial advice and strategy points, simple call our office to schedule your initial consultation.  You may also email Mr. Nordini directly with specific questions that you would like for him to address.