Unbundled Services

Many spouses can benefit by savings involved by using unbundled services.  Unbundled service (also called limited-scope services) allows you to only pay for the legal help you need.  There are no hourly rates to worry about, and no large initial deposits or retainers to pay. Here are a few samples of unbundled costs:


Draft/Prepare Entire Divorce Filing Package, and File for Client 

Filing Fees Not Included


Draft Decree with Detailed Provisions for Support, Assets, and Parenting Plan 


Draft/Prepare Petition to Enforce Child Support


Draft/Prepare Resolution Management Statement and Prepare Client

If you are looking for the assistance of a well seasoned attorney (over 19 years of family law experience), and want to avoid paying high retainers and high hourly rates, then unbundled services may be the right approach for you.


To qualify, you must:

  • Work closely and cooperate with your lawyer;

  • Understand that you are responsible for filing costs; 

  • Be willing to handles much of the case on your own - but your lawyer will coach you through it.


Everything is done online -- there are no office visits and no trip to court.



  • pay a single flat fee for your lawyer, per project - saving you thousands in fees;

  • get legal advice and guidance from Mr. Nordini, with over 19 years of divorce and custody litigation experience;

  • attend court dates with the confidence that all of your legal options have been explored properly and presented persuasively to the Judge.



  • spend a lot of money (a fraction of what you would normally pay);

  • get generic fill in blank forms;

  • go to the Courthouse to file things;

  • be left with unanswered questions;

  • end up with questions about what's next;

  • be turned away when you need help or advice.


It's EASY:

1.  Take part in my initial intake process, which starts with a completely free phone consultation.  While there is no limit on the initial phone consultation, these calls usually last between 20 minutes and one hour.  At that time, you will receive a quote for the services required.


2.    Review and Sign my Legal Services Agreement.  A contract for legal services will be emailed to you for your review. All terms are very clear, and most importantly, you will do your divorce or custody case on your terms on payments that you can afford.

3.   Complete my 2 minute intake form.  The details on this form will allow Mr. Nordini to prepare the documents for your case, to be later filed with the Court.  This can be done all online.


4.   Have a follow up phone call with Mr. Nordini to talk about the draft documents that Mr. Nordini had completed for you, and have all of your questions answered.  At this time, your can also discuss revisions before anything is filed in Court.  If you have any questions, just call, Mr. Nordini - he is here to help.

5.   Once you approve, Mr. Nordini will file your documents with the Court and make sure the other side is properly mailed copies.  

To start the process, call Mr. Nordini today. (480) 527-9000